World Physical Therapy Day and Last Day Celebration

The therapist makes World Physical Therapy Day on 8 November every year. Purpose of celebrating this day is to give awareness to peoples about this field. Main focus of Physical Therapist is to make patient mobile and independent. Professors and students organize the event in which some student speech about physiotherapy. Students distribute posters, Logos and pamphlets to peoples.

Exercises and Stretches for Hip Pain

Mainly cause of hip pain is arthritis, muscle and ligament injury, and dislocation of the hip joint. In minor hip pain injury, gentle massage can reduce pain. If the hip joint is dislocated, immobilize the joint by surgery is the best option. For other conditions, you have to strengthen the muscles by exercise. I will describe to you many

Finger pain Causes and Its Treatment

Finger pain affects daily living activities because it is the most used part of the body in an activity like eating, capturing objects, and many others. Causes mainly include infection, arthritis, and muscle problem. This article is primarily concerned with the causes and treatment of finger pain. We will tell some home remedy and when did you see a

Causes of Pain in Right shoulder and arm

Most people asked why they feel pain in the right shoulder and arm, so there are several reasons of it. Mainly it is caused by repeated movement of the shoulder joint. Pain can also result from damage of brachial plexus. It is the third leading joint complain. Sometimes pain symptoms caused by a heart attack in the right shoulder.

The Elbow Joint anatomy, Ligaments, Blood Supply and Movements

Elbow joint is the upper limb joint, which connects the upper arm to the forearm. It classified as a hinge type synovial joint.This joint consists of three bones one is humerus, and the other is radius and ulna. The trochlear notch of the ulna articulates with the trochlea of the humerus. The head of the radius articulates with the

Exercises for knee pain Relief

Most peoples worried about should i do exercise for knee pain or not. If Yes, then which exercise should i do? You have to strengthen the knee muscles that are providing stability to the knee joint. You should visit a Physical Therapist for more information. You have to warm your body first either by walking, Pumping your arms, and

Orthopedic Doctor: What does an Orthopedic doctor do?

What is Orthopedic mean ? Orthopedics or orthopedic is a Medicine branch dealing with the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles). Orthopedic surgeons become after donning Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. The next question is, what does an Orthopedic doctor do? Orthopedic Doctor diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal system deformities by surgery and nonsurgical procedure like manipulation. Orthopaedists specialized in extremities

What does a Neurologist do?

Today, Peoples most commonly search a question what does a neurologist do? So, I will try my best to describe to you. In this article, you can also know different questions answer that people commonly asked. Definition of Neurology It is a branch of medicine deals with the nervous system disorder. The nervous system consists of the CNS (Central

Upper left back pain: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Pain arising from the upper back result from Muscle strain, Internal organ, and vertebra problem. Almost 85% of the population, mostly men in the United States, face back pain in the entire life. To know the exact cause of back pain, the physician should have a lot of experience. Treatment of this pain depends on its cause, so you

Best Physical Therapy Exercises to Relieve Pain

Physical Therapy mainly focuses on rehabilitation, with modalities and Exercise (mobilization and manipulation) the body. Physical Therapist improves muscle and joint function, standing and balancing, walking and running, and Restore to Functional life. Different Physical Therapy Exercises has given below. Muscle-strengthening exercises Muscle Endurance Exercises Full ROM exercises Coordination and balance exercises Transfer training Ambulation exercises Use of a